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  • Dr. Ann Olivarius

    Dr. Ann Olivarius

    Lawyer & Feminist, Senior Partner at McAllister Olivarius. Litigation in US/UK, and Title IX. +44 (0)7983531539 http://www.mcolaw.com and www.consentlawyers.com

  • Ruchi


    Two truths and a lie: Spent savings back-packing in Italy. Texted boss on if team wanted porn (I meant popcorn). Has puppy-phobia.

  • StartSomeGood


  • Tris Lumley

    Tris Lumley

    Tech, data & evidence are tools for transformation, but we need collective action to make them work. Director of Innovation & Development @NPCthinks. Views own.

  • Astrid Scholz

    Astrid Scholz

    Founder and Managing Partner at @SphaeraInc., putting the best solutions into the hands of people working on the front lines of change. Co-founder @Zebras_Unite

  • Gary Coyle

    Gary Coyle

    Experienced Business Development Director working with @digileaders @cobwebinfo @mybnk #smes #digitalskills #businesssupport

  • Carrie Norton

    Carrie Norton

    Committed to serving entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and other leaders to design the regenerative economy

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